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Stewart’s Firefighter Food Catering


For over 35 years Stewart’s has served hundreds of thousands of high quality, wholesome meals to people through the United States. We have served meals for wild land firefighters, disaster relief crews for the Columbia Space Shuttle Recovery Project in 2003 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. We believe our success depends on our reputation and it is the most important asset we have. We work hard to protect our image by employing well qualified people, utilizing modern equipment and setting standards that are second to none.

Each season owner, Suzi Stewart, takes applications for new crew members.  The number of forms each employee needs to size is significant. Suzi was handling this process with hardcopy documents. And the documents needed to be saved for years.  Introducing Suzi to a 3rd party software, SignNow, we were able to duplicate her paperwork to online forms and archive her information online for quick retrieval – GREATLY reducing the time she spent shuffling paperwork and storing documents.