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CLARKS ANTIQUES antique firearms and collectibles, are sought after items for lovers of the Wild West. True western memorabilia items carry with them the rich history of the American frontier. Antique firearms along with accompanying antique gun leather made before 1899 are true treasures of the Old West.

After collecting and selling Wild West memorabilia for over 40 years at various trade shows, Clark and Melinda Linss decided it was time to advertise their business the World Wide Web! They had a few very important criteria:

  • The design needed to be age appropriate for their clientele
  • The text had to be easy to read
  • The navigation needed to be clear and easy to navigate
  • The website had to be easy to add to items and SEO – Melinda does everything herself!


“We stumbled across Druery Web Design in our quest to build our first website.  We wanted a professional to design and develop our website rather then attempt to do it ourselves. Karen Druery is fantastic! She listened to our ideas and took it from there.  She developed an easy to use website with all our ideas in mind and the most perfect theme for our product.  We could not have been happier.  It is easy to browse and we have received many compliments on it.  Karen is very helpful and will work with us anytime we have a problem.  The website itself is easy to update and we can update it whenever we want.  You can’t go wrong with Druery Web Design.” — Clark & Melinda Linss