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The team at Cascades Mediation offers an alternative to meeting in court to resolve your issues. Mediation is a better way to resolve disputes than using the legal process. Before hiring a lawyer for filing a case, consider mediation as a dispute resolution option.

Mediation is a process by which two or more parties use a trained, skilled neutral party (mediator) to help them agree on a solution to their problem. The mediator doesn’t decide for the parties. He/she assists the parties in discussing the issues and arriving at a resolution the disputants agree upon.

Almost any dispute can be successfully mediated. And the parties involved determine the outcome – unlike court cases where a judge decides for you.


“Karen has a unique ability to quickly grasp the complexities of a particular business and develop a web site that reflects the business’ selling points while providing top quality search optimization. I’m a professional with a law degree but had no idea how to create an effective web site, marketing strategy or how to attract potential clients through web searches. Using her intelligence and deep knowledge of targeted marketing and web design —not to mention her friendliness and great sense of humor— Karen led me through the process. She was readily available to patiently answer my many questions. The finished product was better than I imagined at a cost lower than I imagined.”e;

—  Jo Zucker, Mediation Consultant