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49rs Tavern

The 49rs Tavern always tied its identity to CSULB (Prospector Pete still adorns the signage outside the bar). The cheap beer is awesome, but what makes the ‘Niner great is the way they do burgers. You can get a sufficient bar burger at lots of places, but the 49rs Tavern answers to a higher calling when they serve you the God’s Own Cheeseburger, an Angus burger with minced garlic, onions, lettuce, tomato, and melted Swiss cheese.

The 49rs Tavern also serves up Nathan’s hot dogs dressed many different ways, from marinara and provolone to jalapeanos and jack to Buffalo sauce. 

Make the trip to Long Beach, CA to try the burgers, dogs and beer! 

“Thanks Karen for helping me out with our website – just what we were hoping for!  Be sure to top by next time you are in town – we have Deschutes IPA on tap for our favorite Bendites!”

Tracy Kittinger

Owner, 49rs Tavern